South Florida FEB

Workforce Development & Support

FEBs conduct outreach to inspire and educate key pools of talent needed by government; provide cost-effective services to resolve disputes and preserve working relationships through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs, and develop the Federal workforce by providing critical training opportunities and learning experiences. To address workforce development needs, the South Florida Federal Executive Board provides training, mediation services, employee recognition, and job fair information to its member agencies.

High-Performance Leadership Program

The focus of the High-Performance Leadership Program (HPLP) is to help equip our high performers/high potentials with the qualities and capabilities required to meet the leadership demands of the 21st century. The program will address issues that leaders in these challenging times will have to address; such as process improvements necessary to perform with increased accountability and reduced resources, emergency preparedness, recruitment and retention, diversity, conflict resolution, communication, community engagement, green initiatives, and environmental challenges.


Stepping It Up Workshop Series

The SFFEB offers developmental training to all levels of the federal workforce. The Stepping it Up Program is a series of training for GS7-10 federal employees that provides them with skills to assist them with moving up to the next level in their careers. Some of the training include:

  • Mentoring Relationships for Success
  • Creating an Individual Development Plan
  • You are What You Write
  • Interviewing skills 
  • Navigating USA Jobs

Federal Employee of The Year Program

The South Florida Federal Executive Board just celebrated its 56th annual Federal Employee of the Year Awards Program. The goal of the program is to recognize the maximum number of individuals from a wide spectrum of agencies. The purpose is to honor outstanding men and women in the Federal Community who have performed exceptional and meritorious work and to encourage high standards of performance in the Federal Government. Awards are issued primarily in recognition of exemplary job performance and contributions to the Federal Government or the community. There are twelve category winners and one overall Federal Employee of the Year winner.

Recruitment & Retention

In support of recruitment and employment efforts, the South Florida Federal Executive Board partners with local and federal organizations to publicize and encourage agency participation in Job and Career Fairs taking place throughout South Florida. Additionally, the South Florida Federal Executive lists vacancy announcements for all South Florida federal agencies through email and Facebook communications on a weekly basis.

GIFT (Government’s Investment in Future Talent) initiative 

With the graying of the federal workforce, our future success is dependent on the recruitment and retention of new and younger talent. Through GIFT we are educating the local community about federal agencies’ current and future needs.

Workforce Resources: