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Passport Day For Federal Employees
The South Florida Federal Executive Board invites you and your family to apply for a U.S. Passport Book, U.S. Passport Card, or renew your U.S. Passport Book.
RSVP Form for Passport Day
Passport Fees Chart
Applying for a US Passport Book & Card
Application form for a US Passport
Application for a US Passport Renewal
"Statement of Consent for Minors" form

Miami Passport Agency held a “Passport Day for Federal Employees” on March 18th, 2014.  During the this event a total of 312 Federal employees and/or their immediate family members applied for, or renewed, their U.S. Passport Day.  Click here to see photos.

Discounted Miami Heat Tickets

The SFFEB has partnered with the Miami HEAT to host Family Nights for select games. Discounted tickets in the 300-400 levels are available. Taxes and fees will be waived. The special offer code is sffeb. If you have any questions contact Lynelle Willaims at
Click Here to access this special offer.


The Briefing Room

The Briefing Room

Read updates provided by the Whitehouse.
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National Terrorism Advisory System

Link tocurrent NTAS Alerts and archived copies of expired alerts. Read More

Weather Advisory

Get up to date weather reports from NOAA.
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